Mergers and acquisitions

With extensive experience in all facets of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), we possess a deep understanding of dynamics in both the buy side and the sell side. Leveraging this expertise, we offer comprehensive guidance for navigating the complexities of M&A transactions.

Pre-Transaction Advisory: Strategic guidance on pre-transaction structures, exit strategies, and internal restructuring, ensuring optimal transaction frameworks.

M&A Compliance: Navigating legalities of mergers, acquisitions, debt restructuring, and privatization. We ensure regulatory adherence throughout.

Due Diligence: Undertaking meticulous legal due diligence for identifying potential risks for our clients and ensuring that they can take a well-informed decision on transactions.

Document Drafting and Negotiation: Expertly crafting transaction documents tailored to each deal, ensuring clarity, protection, and alignment of interests.

Seamless Transaction Closing: Assisting with meticulous secretarial compliances, managing anti-trust clearances, and obtaining regulatory approvals.

Post-Transaction Compliance: Guiding clients through post-closing transaction compliance requirements, ensuring ongoing adherence to regulatory obligations and maximizing transaction benefits.

Firm’s capability:

► Developing commercially and legally viable structures

► Seeking approvals and making filings required for undertaking transactions

► Undertaking due diligence of assets, companies and businesses

►  Advising on entry and exit strategies

► Drafting, negotiating and finalizing transaction documents

► Assisting in pre- and post-closing compliances and implementation

► Assisting in regulatory compliances, including obtaining court orders and liaising with RBI, SEBI and other regulatory authorities, if required

► Advising on issues related to company laws, exchange control laws, SEBI regulations and other applicable business and commercial laws

Article & Updates

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